UKC RO1 Oakridge Little Deuce Coupe, CGC, ASCA/AKC RA

Coupe is the newest addition to Oakridge,and being a red, has some mighty big paws to fill.




This is not funny. Can't a guy have some privacy in his bath !

Coupe is off to his first shows. He will be entering in the Carolina Australian Shepherd Clubs Oct.shows in Mebane,NC. he's not to sure it's going to be any fun,but said he's willing to try if I promise to stay close. After his first handling class adventure and all the strange looking dogs(he couldn't get over the odd things hanging off there rears)he says he's not as worried now as he was.He still doesn't understand why he is suppose to stand still when the important man or woman puts there hands on him,but he'll try. Keep in touch and we may have some nice pictures of him and the other dogs he meets.

Show Dog

WooHoo !!! Coupe sure made us proud.   At his first show he took Winnerd Dog,beating some very nice older dogs for 2 ASCA conformation points.And what made is super good,it was from Sr. Breeder Judge Ann Shope. Thanks goes to Coupes' new best friend Chris Risher on her great handling of him.

Coupe relaxing at home




As some of you may know,Coupes' conformation career hit a snag several years ago. Due to me wanting him to excell now,and not being able to show him myself I pushed to fast. I had several good friends handle him for me,and they did a great job,but my mistake was that I was there which I should not have been ;-(.
 He was not mature enough to handle the stress ( which I put on him) of being a Show Dog. He wanted to please me so much that any little mistake he made I reacted to strongly over,which made it ten times worse for him.
 So I decided to keep him out of the conformation ring and let him be a pet,which he has exceled at. 
Well now Coupe and I are back in the ring. And it's not the conformation ring,it's the Rally ring and we are having a blast. A Big Thank You to my dear friend Mary Isenhour- Long who has helped me to relax with Coupe and enjoy our training sessions. And who has shown me that it's OK to make a fool of yourself,as long as you and your dog are having fun doing it. And Coupe and I are having lots of fun.
At our first ever rally trial and the first time I have been back in an obedience ring in almost 20 years,Coupe and I competed in all 4 trials at the Carolina Australian Shepherd Clubs Howlin Good Weekends shows.
200 is a perfect score, X ribbons are for scores of 195 or higher ,170 or higher is a qualifying score towards a leg for a title,you need 3 legs from two different judges to receive a title.
Show #1-- Friday 10/26/12   -- Rally Novice B--- Judge Kathi Meyer--- 193 1st. leg
Show #2--Friday 10/26/12 --  Rally Novice B --- Judge Kathi Meyer --- 195 2nd. leg, X qualifying score
Show #1 -- Saturday 10/27/12 -- Novice B -- Judge Karen Black ---- 197 3rd. leg, X qualifying score , 2nd. place,New Title
Show #2 --Saturday 10/27/12 -- Judge Kaen Black -- 189 4th. place .

To say our first time out in rally was Ok,is a big understatement,it was GREAT.

First ASCA Rally Leg


 Second ASCA Rally leg



ASCA Advanced Leg


ASCA Nationals Novice C!

ASCA Nationals Wins


AKC Novice Rally Leg