CH. Carolina's Red Hot Edition CD

The big man, the one who taught me about red dogs. How you can ask them for just about anything, but you can never demand it. If you don't believe it, just ask the owner of a red dog.



Chaps as a leggy young man of 9 months.                       

 He was just starting to make his wishes known at this age.



Chaps winning 3rd. place at the Colorado ASCA Nationals. 

 Our first Nationals was a very memorable one,to say the least.



Chaps winning his first ASCA points.                                                   

 Thanks to his breeder Selena Poplin,for doing all the leg work in showing him. I was sick with food poisoning,and finally got back to the ring in time to see him get picked. After doing all the work, she let me have my picture taken with the judge.


 Chaps winning his ASCA  Championship.

 Judge Suzanne  Kinman would go on to judge his daughter,grand kids and greatgrand kids.


 CH. Carolina's Quarter Power


GIDGET- The plain little black bitch that would produce some of the best dogs Oakridge has ever had.  She has shown that good things sometimes do come in Plain Black Wrappers.Her Image is in every dog and bitch we have. Check the eyes,and see if that Imp isn't looking back at you.


 ASCA Championship- Judge Mr Steve Williams. He will continue to use Gidget's kids and grandkids. Also finishing Gidget's daughter Lacey's ASCA Championship.



Gidget always did much better outside,the hotter the better.  I don't think she realized black dogs aren't supposed to do heat well.
June 1991 judge- Candy Sterling