Links to places of interest: Clubs,registries,health,breeders,etc.

http://www.asca.org ASCA-The Australian Shepherd Club Of America - The parent club of Aussies. Here you can find all kinds of helpfull information about the breed. The breed standard,health problems,colors(acceptable/non acceptable ) temperment,what they are bred for,and is this really the right breed for you ?

CASC- The Carolina Australian Shepherd Club

http://www.casclub.com CASC is the local Aussies club for North and South Carolina, but we have members from many other states. We have ASCA sanctioned shows,where you can come see the dogs in conformation,obedience,and agility. ASCA has opened up it's obedience program to all registered breeds of dogs,so you will see not only Aussies but labs,border collies,many other breeds,even mixed breed dogs competing in all levels of obedience.Agility is also open to other breeds. Our conformation shows,are for Aussies registered with ASCA . If your Aussie is just registered with AKC,you can enter the obedience and agility and other events,just not conformation. Check our web site out,for up coming CASC events. We'd love to have you come meet us,we really like to talk about our dogs. For health reasons,young puppies and unentered dogs should not be brought to our club activities,as some of them are held at members homes.That's why it is always good to check what is allowed,before bringing your dog with you.

Aussie clubs :

http://www.gaasc.org GAASC - The Greater Atlanta Australian Shepherd Club is located in mid Georgia. This club does about every venue there is to showing/competing with Aussies. Their shows consist of Herding,obedience,agility,and conformation. They put on several big show events per year,and have hosted two of our ASCA Nationals one in 2000,and the other in 2005.Both were well worth going to,and rumer has it,they are looking at 2012 as a possible date for another. Sure hope so.

http://www.brasc.org Blue Ridge Australian Shepherd Club. BRASC is located in Virginia , and it's members also compete in all types of events.

Health and Genetics

http://www.ashgi.org Australian Shepherd Health And Genetics Institute - This is the best place to learn all you can about the health of Australian Shepherds. The hereditary problems the breed has,reserch being done to help. Eye problems,color related genetic problems,etc. This site is a must read for you if your thinking about getting an Aussie.

White Aussie Project

http://www.whiteaussies.com This site is to help people better understand that even though white aussies are pretty,they will have many health problems. You will see many different colored dogs. Even though they are listed on this site,it does not mean there is anything wrong with them,it's just to give you an idea of All the different color and patterens of color the Aussies will and can come in.Please take the time to read up on the many problems that can result from not knowing what's behind your dogs pedigree,as pertaining to color. Besides knowing the health risk in your pedigrees it's also a good idea to know what color problems may be there.

http://www.offa.org The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals . Here is where you can go to check if your puppies parents and other dogs in his pedigree have been cleared for Hip Dysplasia. A dog can be x-rayed at any age if a problem is suspected. But can not be certified untill reaching the age of 2 years,or older. If you know your puppies sire and/or dams registration numbers,you can check on what their certified ratings are.

CERF- Canine Eye Registration Foundation

http://www.vmdb.org/cerf.html CERF- Canine Eye Registration Foundation. You can check on the results of a dogs eye examination here,but only if it has been registered. If it is not here,that does not mean the dogs eyes have not been checked,it just means the owner did not have it registered. I have all my puppies eyes checked before I sell them,and my adult dogs are checked yearly,up untill they are about 9-10 years of age.I only cerf register a dog when it may be used for breeding,and then only about every 2-3 years apart.


Here is a link to a web group that still uses the Aussie for what they were bred for "To Work"                                                

From this site you will be able to get information on what the Real Australian Shepherd was used for,before they became a Pretty Pet,a fancy Show Dog,or Gosh Forbid a Designer Pet of non-recognizable color and size( My words,not the sites)

No matter where you buy an Aussie,Please Do Your Homework.    

They are a great breed,but Not For Everyone.

Historical Aussie Pictures


Here is a site for you to see some great pictures of Aussies of long ago.If your familar with some of the older pedigrees of Australian Shepherds,you may even recognize a few names/pictures.This is a private site,so please do not attempt to copy or use any pictures or articals without written permission from the site owner,or the owners of the original items.                                                                              Thank You

Breeders: This is just a small list of breeders I refer people to. No matter who you buy from,be sure that the breeder does all health checks before breeding a litter,and on all dogs and puppies before selling them

http://www.oakandash.com Oak and Ash Kennel -- Tennessee -- Janet Walden-West owner.

http://www.goldstaraussies.com Goldstar Kennel-- North Carolina -- Lynda Shackelford owner

http://www.sailawayaussies.com Sailaway Kennel-- Georgia -- Alice Brock owner