Puppy/Dog Questionnaire

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All Pet/Companion puppies are required to be spayed/neutered at certain ages.

All Show prospects are required to be shown and obtain a title in an acceptable venue.

Aussies are a great breed,but not for everyone. They are very active and intelligent,so they need quite a bit of exercise everyday,to preveny bad habits created from boredom.They also need consistant training for the same reason. Aussies are also a protective breed,which means they need socialization to prevent inappropriate guarding behavior with people and property. Aussies can be wonderful with children,but do require parental supervision with smaller children,as would any breed.
* Do you have a preference to sex or color ?
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Blue merle
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Red tri
*What would be your second choice?
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Blue merle  Red merle  Black tri  Red tri

* Do you own,rent or lease your home ? If you rent/lease,does your landlord have restrictions on number,size or breed ?
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House  Apartment  Moble Home
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